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At 90 Day Media, we truly believe in advocating for our clients. Our number one goal is to help you customize an online marketing strategy that makes sense for your business. While we believe there are essential elements that should be included in a solid digital strategy, we’re not a cookie cutter of bundled services neatly packaged together. Inquire about the following digital services, online business listings, a good responsive website, social media and reputation management,email marketing, blogs, retargeting, apps, and more.

At 90 Day Media, we customize our digital solutions to fit your unique business needs. If your digital marketing plan isn’t affordable and doesn’t have the potential to move the needle in the growth of your business, it may be time for a new strategic marketing plan and partner.

Business Listings & Reputation

We measure the online performance of your brick-and-mortar store! Our proprietary web crawlers scan millions of relevant sites to provide you with the most comprehensive representation of your local search performance. We monitor your brand, your stores, your industry, and your competitors – providing you with powerful data and analytics.

Social Media Management

​We will optimize your social presence, handling all posts to grow your fan base and improve customer service. It is now harder than ever to reach your fan base and use social as a marketing tool with the social rules put into place for businesses. It used to be that anyone could post to Facebook. Now businesses need to Pay to Play or know these rules inside and out! Let us help you navigate social algorithms and take advantage of social media marketing to stay connected to your best customers! We have several social options available that can be customized to your business needs.

Retargeting Options:

Email Retargeting: Why only wait for a user to open your email and click through to your website. Now you can maximize your email campaigns by retargeting the users that OPEN your emails. Complete the form  to request more information.

Search Re-Targeting: Reach consumers based on their most recent keyword searches elated to your business, including Brand and Competitive key words.

Contextual Targeting: Reach consumers by running display ads alongside relevant content.

Site Re-Targeting: Reach consumers who have already visited your website, inviting them back with special promotions and offers on premium brand-safe websites.

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Send a marketing message directly to your target customer’s inbox! Target by household income, family size, credit score, presence of kids; the possibilities are almost endless, just ask! PLUS, continue marketing your message to those who not only open your emailsbut visit your website too.

  • Reach your target audiences with sales promotions or events
  • Announce new products, services or locations
  • Drive website and social traffic
  • Acquire new customers
  • Reward existing customers
  • Distribute e-newsletters or coupons and more!

Mobile GEO-Fencing

Mobile geo-fencing is the most advanced location based mobile advertising technology powered by latitude and longitude data to target specific geographic areas with a component of variable recency. This product enables customized targeting up to 100 meters with pinpoint precision for instant targeting.

Geo-fencing is the most reliable way to target mobile users in a proximity to your business. Retarget customers who visit or commute through your location. Ideal for 
targeting your competitor’s locations too. Your ads will be served on popular, prominent national media sites and apps.